Beyond the Box

Leverage Anything Beyond the Box

Nadine Meisel drove Volkswagen Beyond Cars, expanded Lego Beyond Bricks and other Corporations beyond their Core. She has been using her Beyond approach ever since to stimulate innovation and discussions by triggering Beyond the Box viewpoints.

Beyond Formulas

As an ex-inventor Nadine Meisel created “Beyond Formulas” as an easy and powerful tool for leveraging anything Beyond the Box, from organisations to panel discussions:

Beyond the Box

You can leverage any topic or challenge Beyond the Box by bringing it beyond its core:

Corporations Beyond their Core

Corporations can create new business opportunities by taking away their “cheese” (core product or business) and moving beyond:

Beyond X

Nadine Meisel has stimulated, given and moderated inspirational speeches and discussions Beyond trending topics such as:

Panel Discussions Beyond

As moderater, panelist or from the audience, Nadine Meisel stimulated diverse panel discussions Beyond their initial topics or perspectives such as:

‘Up for leveraging your organisation or event Beyond the Box?