Strategic / Product Design

Gathering and analysing needs & insights and creating Lateral Shortcuts® solutions (concepts/ strategies/ business models/ product/ service designs) to make an impact through innovative design and enhance your business and portfolios.

Some Specialisations


Optimising resources through applying Lateral Shortcuts® to an entire ecosystem and/or product life-cycle to avoid unnecessary waste of effort and resources right from the start, using the following formula:

Justification = Added Value (to your company, the customer/user and/or society)  / Investment (resources such as money, time, energy, material)

System Thinking

From an overall perspective develop a deep understanding of how your economy operates and how to best transform the status quo. Our approach identifies the dynamics between complex interactions in a system and provides insights about the root causes of key impacts.

Would you like us to create and deliver solutions/ concepts/ strategies/ designs for your challenges?