Our unique consultancy helps international organizations take Lateral Shortcuts® and transform challenges into tangible opportunities Beyond the Box.


Nadine Meisel applies and trains her powerful methodology to create INNOVATIVE + EFFECTIVE + EASY solutions for your greatest business challenges by leveraging non-obvious resources


Nadine’s Beyond approach stimulates discussions and leverages innovation by triggering viewpoints Outside the Box and beyond. From mindsets, panel discussions to entire organizations.

Consulting &
Coaching Projects

Stimulate and integrate innovation and the power of LATERAL SHORTCUTS® through a customised combination of the following services A,B,C: >>>

A) Strategic /
Product Design

We analyse your situation so as to design and deliver solutions using LATERAL SHORTCUTS® to create new business opportunities and enhance your portfolio.

B) Workshops &

We guide and teach you how to apply LATERAL SHORTCUTS® to co-create smart solutions while boosting innovative energy and team spirit.

C) Inspirational

Nadine Meisel inspires with interactive presentations, masterclasses and keynote speeches on LATERAL SHORTCUTS®, Design Thinking and Innovation.

Alarm Clock

Our flying alarm clock buzzed around from Taiwan International Design Competition to MIT.

Boosting from
Bankruptcy to Boom

We lifted a bankrupt business, opening up new markets with zero investment by taking a simple Lateral Shortcut.

Plato’s Cave

A cross-scientific translation of the philosophical allegory into a mechanism to experience the relativity of reality.

Neo Couture
Design Lab

We conceptualised and directed a strategic research  program, applying high-tech expertise to fill an unused museum.

… facing new challenges in your organisation or market?
… looking for non-obvious solutions or new opportunities?
… thinking about optimising your processes or resources?
… open to rethinking your strategy or reinventing yourself?
… willing to redefine your core business or product portfolio?
… ready to create your own success stories?