Guiding teams or facilitating workshops or trainings to gather and analyse needs & insights to co create Lateral Shortcuts® solutions for overcoming challenges while unlocking potentials, boosting innovative energy and team spirit and establishing a Lateral Shortcuts® and Design Thinking mindset and culture.

co-creation workshop

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Lateral Shortcuts® – Leverage Anything Beyond the Box

A powerful methodology to create innovative + effective + easy solutions to your challenges and transform them into tangible opportunities.

Design Thinking – Optimized by Lateral Shortcuts®

Applying Lateral Shortcuts® to all phases and elements of Design Thinking optimises its process and results to be more innovative + effective + easy.



Strategic Kick Off (3-5 days)

1) Meta-Meeting:

3h session with 1-3 key stakeholders

Analysis of company’s situation to define workshop’s challenge


2) Strategic workshop:

1-3 days with 4-12 key stakeholders (ideally 6)

Application of the Lateral Shortcuts® /Design Thinking methodology to discover and reframe challenges and solve and/or transform them into new tangible opportunities


3) Follow up:

3h session with 1-3 key stakeholders

Analysis of results in retrospection and planning of next steps


Would you like to learn how to take Lateral Shortcuts® and transform your challenges into opportunities?