From Bankruptcy to Boom

A Catalan business based on a conventional bookshelf system needed to reinvent itself out of bankruptcy during a deep national and sectoral crisis. Combining existing elements of the system (production, logistics, and resources) in a smart and easy way, we created several new uses as well as an attractive design for northern Europe. This opened up new markets with zero investment.

The classical Tria shelf system has been originally designed mainly for storing a vast number of books in public institutions. But as the market for books and the demand by public institutions decline the company or shelf system also had to transform and to adapt to the new market situation, new living scenarios, uses and targets in order to survive.

Nadine Meisel revitalized mobles114’s classical Tria shelf system in order to expand into new markets and to achieve high increase in sales possible in face of a very tight budget and time frame. This was realized by using non-obvious resources such as a manual production system, existing materials and fast decision capability of being a family run business and making very simple but sustainable and effective changes, adding a few simple compliments.

The new shelf system was marketed within a few weeks, was presented at the Milan furniture fair, won several Design prizes, and was exhibited in design museums.

Results see here: